Here Is The Presidential Succession List For Liberals Who Want To Impeach Donald Trump

Impeach 45!

We’ve heard it from far-left outfits like the Huffington Post and

We’ve heard it on the floor of the House from Democrat Al Green (D-TX).

And of course, we hear it on a daily basis from Auntie Maxine.

But we don’t think our friends on the left have really thought this thing through very well.

For instance, what’s the next step?

We have a feeling that in their fantasy world – which is exactly what a liberal’s mind is – President Trump would be impeached and Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders would ride into town on their high horse and save the country.

Except, that’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

In fact, according to the order of presidential succession, it doesn’t matter how many people the Democrats try to impeach, the replacements are all going to be Republicans, and none of them are going to be named Hillary or Bernie.

We created this handy guide for our readers to give to their liberal friends the next time they talk about impeaching President Trump:

Those are all at the very least, decent choices.

They’re most definitely better than Clinton or Sanders.

And besides, it’ll be fun to watch their faces turn from happy thoughts, to a typical crying snowflake

The fact of the matter is, President Trump isn’t going to be impeached, period. He will serve out his entire four-year term, and there’s nothing the left will be able to do about it.

As demonstrated above, they can’t even successfully do anything about it in their impeachment fantasies.

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