Video captured at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center on Tuesday shows President and First Lady Melania Trump being warmly greeted by medical personnel.

In contrast, the fake news media coverage has focused on the supposed ‘tensions’ and ‘shunning’ of the President as they try to portray him as somehow responsible for the shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue that took 11 innocent lives.

The Washington Post reported that his visit “tore open political tensions” because residents were “angered by Trump’s arrival.” CNN, meanwhile, portrayed him as being ‘shunned’ by local officials who “said his presence was unwelcome.”

Footage from inside the hospital, where the President and First Lady met with law enforcement officials wounded while responding to the attack, paints an entirely different story.

Hospital staff thanks President Trump for visiting

Sheryl Mascio, a Pittsburgh resident, shared a video with conservative actor James Woods, which shows doctors and nurses at the hospital saying “thank you,” “we love you,” and asking to shake the President’s hand.

Both he and the First Lady are warmly greeted, while Ivanka Trump is given some love as well (watch until the end):

Trump had been visiting four wounded police officers as well as their family and friends when he walked past the hospital staff, heard them express thanks, and turned back to speak with them.

He congratulated them on doing a “tremendous job” and turned their graciousness back on them.

Media portrays hatred for Trump

Odd, isn’t it, that there is little to no mention of this interaction on mainstream media outlets? If not for citizens on social media sharing the video, you’d be hard-pressed to find it anywhere.

Instead, there’s little doubt you’ve already seen stories about protesters objecting to President Trump’s visit, unhinged leftists disrupting solemn moments with chants of, “President Hate, leave our state!” and clowns lining the streets with “Trump ❤️’s Nazis” signs.

The media tend to gravitate to those who share their ideological views, hence why they’re out on the streets with the dredges of the Earth while heroes inside a hospital are largely ignored.

The media’s focus on hatred for the President is just one of many reasons they are partly responsible for the current divide in our country.

The media can continue their campaign of hatred toward the President all they want, while reasonable people can celebrate when the man does things the right way.

Rabbi Jeffrey Myers of the Tree of Life synagogue welcomed the President with open arms, telling reporters, “the president of the United States is always welcome.” The rabbi received threats for his troubles.

One resident outside the hospital was grateful for the President providing comfort to grieving families.

“He’s our president,” she said. “He deserves the respect other presidents got.”

Maybe one day the media will catch up on that basic fact.

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