President Trump Wants Fox News To Put Judge Jeanine Back On And So Do We

On Sunday, President Trump responded to Fox News removing Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show from their Saturday night line up. Anyone with a pulse saw the reason why.

Judge Jeanine “asked” a question about Rep. Ilhan Omar’s headwear, her religion and her loyalty to the U.S. Constitution and the Left went crazy. Not only did the opposition media and Democrats slam Pirro for asking the question, but Fox News also condemned it.

On Saturday night, Fox News removed Pirro’s show and replaced it with some filler. I was disappointed her show wasn’t on particularly since I was uninterested in the replacement. Pirro apologized for a reasonably innocuous remark (though also dangerously honest), and that should be more than enough to be forgiven.

Early Sunday afternoon, President Trump used his Twitter account to slam Fox News’ decision and ask for the network to return the popular host to her position.

Judge Jeanine is one of the few that will change their mind over time. Look at James Comey, for example. Initially, she was relatively supportive of him. As it became clear what a scumbag he was, she excoriated him repeatedly. On Sunday afternoon, I had to endure Arthel Neville’s (along with an ex-columnist for the Wall Street Journal) snarky insinuations that Trump should repeatedly deny he’s a racist and white supremacist at every public appearance using the same standard she sets for Trump. We are all sick and tired of the continuous lying and exaggeration.

Fox News has been drifting towards it’s softer gentler side for about two years. We already have more than enough nut bag left wing channels, and we don’t need to add another. It seems the shift has coincided with Rupert Murdoch’s two sons taking the reins. What’s the matter boys, not getting invited to the New York lefties cocktail parties? We keep seeing more and more of Chris Wallace along with Shepard Smith deriding the President at every turn on the hard news side with a more little lefties than usual reading the news with their special liberal spin. God help us all when the socialists take over all news.

Judge Jeanine’s comments, while being politically incorrect, were nevertheless true.

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