President Donald Trump Keeps Both Pieces of His Tie Connected with Scotch Tape – Media is Obsessed

There is nothing the liberal mainstream media won’t attack President Donald J. Trump over. They have been working with Democrats on making up scandals and puffing up phony impeachment calls, long before Trump even entered the White House.

But Trump’s ability to speak over the heads of the mainstream media straight to his supporters via Twitter and social media has been shown to be a powerful tool when it comes to fighting media bias. Which is why reporters are stooping to new lows and inventing even crazier smears.

Now, media photographers are documenting how Trump has a habit of using scotch tape to connect the two ends of his tie together, so it doesn’t flap separately in the wind.

As The Daily Mail breathlessly reported in an article that’s going viral:

The father-of-five has encountered criticism from fashion experts and social media users for his repeated use of the tape, as many have questioned why he doesn’t end the practice and just use a tie clip.

Others have even claimed that Trump doesn’t know how to properly fasten a necktie.

Interestingly enough, Trump has even sold signature tie clips as part of his fashion line. But they are no longer sold in major department stores and instead can be found online for about $28.

Here is the most recent shot of the scotch tape, which went out on the news wires on Friday:

donald trump tie

Here is a photo back from Inauguration Day, wearing a similar red power-tie. Notice the tape?

donald trump tie

Here is President Trump on December 1 before his speech at the Carrier Corporation in Indianapolis, Indiana:

donald trump tie

And at an event in Maryland back in January, photographers captured the tape not working out as planned:

donald trump tie

But no one made fun of President Barack Obama’s “mom jeans” or laughed at some of the outrageously extravagant dresses purchased with taxpayer money by former First Lady Michelle Obama.

As one person commented, “A pullitzer (sic) for this groundbreaking news.”

And someone else noticed the obvious double standard, “The press wouldn’t report this if it were Obama. Cruel liberal press.”

What do you think about President Trump using scotch tape on his tie? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us. 

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