President Trump Says He Doesn’t Want His Supporters Confronting Rioters

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President Donald Trump told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham Monday night that he does not want his supporters to confront left-wing protesters and that their mayhem should be handled by the police instead.

Trump also said his supporters are good people who “can’t believe” the violence they see in some cities and on their television screens.

Trump: ‘No, I don’t want them’ to confront left-wing protesters. ‘I want to leave it to law enforcement’

Host Laura Ingraham asked Trump, “Do you want your supporters to confront the left-wing protesters, or do you want to leave it to law enforcement?”

Trump replied, “No. No, I don’t want them. I want to leave it to law enforcement. But my supporters are wonderful, hard-working, tremendous people.”

Trump: “It’s a peaceful protest… they want to protest, and they get criticized’

“And they turn on their television set, and they look at a Portland, or they look at a Kenosha, before I got involved and stopped it, or they look at Chicago, where 78 people were shot last weekend and numerous people died, or they look at New York, where violence is up by like, what? 150%,” he continued.

“They’re looking at all of this, and they can’t believe it,” he said.

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Trump added, “It’s a peaceful protest. I mean, they were protesting. They weren’t — you know, it’s amazing, they want to protest, and they get criticized.”

Expect the media double standard to continue at least until the election

Many observers have noted that the media goes out of its way to paint Trump supporters as problematic in any setting, while ignoring or even lauding the riots and violence of the left-wing protesters that have caused so much destruction in many American cities.

Yesterday, liberal reporters tried to goad White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. One reporter asked about Trump supporters “shooting paintballs.”

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Coming on the heels of a Trump supporter being shot to death by a rioter who proclaimed that he was “100% Antifa,” McEnany unloaded:

Expect this media trend to continue at least through Tuesday, November 3rd. But what is unclear, is whether or not the media’s strategy is effective.

A poll by Hill-HarrisX shows a significant 9-point bump for President Trump among black voters following the RNC.

No doubt, black Americans have seen the destruction caused by Antifa, BLM, and other rioters in cities across the country. It seems, for at least some voters, the liberal media’s strategy isn’t working.

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