President Trump Laughs Off Michelle Obama’s Pre-Taped ‘Snooze’ Convention Speech

On Monday, President Donald Trump mocked former First Lady Michelle Obama for her pre-taped speech to the Democratic national convention.

“These are all taped speeches. Michelle Obama, her speech was taped,” Trump said, referring to the opening speeches during Democrats’ first night of their convention on Monday evening.

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President Trump says the Democrats’ pre-taped speeches will make their national convention boring

Trump spoke about the Democratic convention at Minneapolis-St. Paul airport on Monday during a campaign stop.

Michelle Obama delivered the closing speech on Monday night. It was pre-taped, as reported, and she gave her support to the former and still-presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

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Trump doubled down on his view that the taped speeches would only make the Democratic convention more boring.

Trump: ‘You want to go to a snooze?’

“You want to go to a snooze?” Trump asked. “You know when you hear a speech is taped, it’s like there’s nothing very exciting about it, right?”

The President also noted that taped speeches could be shot and edited to perfection.

“Why don’t they tell me that?” Trump asked. “I’ll tape my speech, next week. I’ll make sure it’s perfecto, every word will be perfect.”


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Trump pokes fun at Fox News for covering Dem convention

Trump also poked fun at Fox News for the cable outlet broadcasting the week’s Democratic speeches.

“Fox will broadcast them more than they broadcast us,” President Trump said. “You know that.”

In addition to Michelle Obama, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and South Carolina Congressman James Clyburn also spoke Monday night, among others.

The former first lady closed the night with her speech.

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