President Trump just made it clearer than crystal on a cold winter night.

Minutes ago, he tweeted out his own plan for gun reform, which includes raising the legal age to purchase certain firearms and banning the sale of so-called “bump stocks.” President Trump is under enormous pressure from the left and the media to do something on guns. He’s trying to balance our Second Amendment rights with the demand to curtail gun violence. Here’s what he said:

This echoes much of what President Trump has said before on gun control. Earlier this week, the President ordered Attorney General Jeff Sessions to look into how best to ban the sale of bump stocks, an accessory that can increase the velocity at which a semi-automatic gun can fire. Trump is also repeating his call to increase the amount of armed and trained teachers in classrooms:

Trump’s proposals will, of course, hardly satiate liberals who demand nothing less than the full banishment of semi-automatic guns – a draconian measure that would assuredly be shot down in any court of law. Take a look at the crowd’s reaction from yesterday’s student town hall hosted by CNN where Senator Marco Rubio made a remark about banning semi-automatic firearms.

Clearly, compromise is not on the liberal agenda when it comes to guns. It looks like President Trump and Republicans will have to go it alone when it comes to gun reform.

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