You Won’t Believe Why President Obama Won’t Visit the Border

On Wednesday, while in Dallas, President Obama was asked why he didn’t visit the border while there. Shockingly, President Selfie said, “This isn’t theater. This is a problem. I’m not interested in photo ops; I’m interested in solving a problem.”

Um, since WHEN?! Theater and photo ops are all Obama has! It’s pretty much the only way he governs. Frankly, I’m surprised his team didn’t stage an event for Obama to be pictured feeding and clothing the poor, hungry children crossing our border, with a big address to the American people telling us sob stories with tears in his eyes, pleading for amnesty. Think: Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercials.

Or I can totally picture them having the kids all crowd around Obama for a selfie in an attempt to reclaim the record for most retweeted photo on Twitter from Ellen Degeneres.

In response to his bizarre claim to spurn political theater, Digitas Daily helpfully put together a round up of the many Obama photo ops over the years as a reminder:

Yep. That’s a lot of photo ops for a guy who claims not to be interested in photo ops!


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  • He doesn't go to the border because they are not giving us the full scope of the diseases, and he's afraid he will catch a disease he want's to unleash on the rest of us. WAIT UNTIL SCHOOL STARTS AGAIN !!!!

  • Yeah, he doesn't want to have to look this problem in the eye, he might have to actually admit he effed up and do something about it. He is arrogant and ignorant. And as they say to the rest of us, "ignorance of the law is no excuse". Fire that excuse for a President.

  • No, Mr. President, you don't want to see the mess that has been created! Now you need to stay in DC and solve this problem but first stop and take time to strengthen the borders!! If necessary call in the National Guard for a while to stem the flow of illegals!!! Then start deporting them like you are supposed too!!!!!!! Very easy to resolve. Honor our laws and enforce them.

  • There should have never been a need for a supplement order. There is already seven amnesty laws on the books now, that he ignored and bypassed to create this catastrify. Now he's asking for nearly four billion dollars for some one to fix his mess, at the same time, making plans for another fourteen day vacation to Martha's Vineyard. Yeah, he's a real concerned humanitarian.

  • Must be the most arrogant man to have ever lived! As his wife has said, "he is just a lazy slob."

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