Post-Debate Poll Numbers Are In… GOP Establishment Didn’t Expect This MAJOR Shift!

After the GOP Presidential debate dust settled, front-runner Donald Trump is still on top of the tracking polls and that has to make the GOP establishment “crazies” angry. They have taken cheap shot after cheap shot and “The Donald” is still leading in the latest NBC News/Survey Monkey poll.


According to the new poll released on Sunday, Senator Ted Cruz, businesswoman Carly Fiorina, and Dr. Ben Carson have replaced establishment candidates by moving up in the polls quite significantly following the first GOP presidential debates.

Cruz, a constitutional conservative, catapulted into second place overall, increasing by a whopping 7% over the prior poll, putting him at 13% overall and more than doubling his prior support of 6%, according to the poll.

Fiorina, the upstart winner and who most believe won the “happy hour” debate among the bottom seven candidates, surged 6%, leapfrogging several candidates. She is now tied for fourth place with Florida Senator Marco Rubio, whose numbers were unchanged following the debate.

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson increased his poll numbers by three points, moving into third place overall. Carson was considered to have one of the strongest closing statements of any candidate in either debate. Overall, it was a terrible night, according to the poll, for establishment RINO candidates.

Establishment-backed candidate Jeb Bush, who has constantly been pushed by media outlets as the inevitable GOP nominee, fell from second place all the way to being tied for fifth place with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Both Bush and Walker had three points shaved off their prior debate numbers following their uninspiring debate performances.

Another RINO, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who got into a heated brouhaha with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul over the Fourth Amendment and NSA spying, crashed by 2/3, falling all the way to 1% from 3%. Paul dropped 1%, but is now only 2% below Jeb Bush.

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