A poll worker in Queens, New York appeared on MSNBC with Chuck Todd last night and revealed that Democrats were submitting blank ballots rather than voting for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. Why? Because they actually wanted to vote for Republican Donald Trump.

New York is a closed primary state, meaning voters must vote for somebody within their registered party. Some Democrats, however, are so disillusioned with the choices coming from their party that they preferred submitting a blank ballot as a way to support Trump.

“What they’re basically doing,” explained the poll worker, “is they’re saying we want to vote for Trump and we say ‘but you can’t, you’re a Democrat.'”

She continued, “Then they say ‘well we won’t vote for anyone.'”

The poll worker relayed that “what they’re doing is they’re putting in a blank ballot.”

“A void?” asked MSNBC reporter Jacob Soboroff.

“A void ballot,” she responded.

Soboroff then concluded, “That is really interesting here in New York, especially if Donald Trump wants to walk out of here with the entire slate of delegates.”

Check out the entire exchange below …

The Political Insider was able to announce Trump’s impressive victory in New York’s Republican primary within seconds of the polls closing last night.

After his huge victory had been decided, Trump said his rivals in the Republican nomination contest cannot catch him, adding that “we don’t have much of a race anymore.”

He also claimed that Ted Cruz had now been virtually eliminated from the contest.

A poll released in January indicated that nearly a quarter of likely Democrat voters were willing to switch parties and vote for Trump in the general election.

Via the Hill:

About 20 percent of likely Democratic voters say they would buck the party and vote for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in a general election, according to a new poll.

The willingness of some Democrats to change sides could be a major problem for Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton this fall.

The new figures were released by Mercury Analytics, a research company with clients that include MSNBC and Fox News, as the result of an online poll and dial-test of Trump’s first campaign ad.

A smaller number of Republicans say they’d vote for Clinton — about 14 percent.

We’re not sure what self-respecting Republican would ever vote for Clinton, so the accuracy of that poll may be debated.

Comment: Is the Trump phenomenon so ‘yuge’ right now that he may even be able to get Democrats to cross over and vote for him?

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