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Political Insider SLAMS President Obama: “Why Can’t You Be President of ALL the People”

President Barack Obama on Friday will deliver the eulogy for pastor and South Carolina state Senator Clementa Pinckney, one of the nine victims of the mass shooting at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston last week

Once again, Obama¬†will implement his “pick’em, choose’em” political expediency to relate to the black cause or slam gun owners and gun makers, inserting some Democratic talking-point potential legislation in front of a national audience.

I wish, genuinely, that this President would become President of ALL the people. But political expediency is showing its ugly face. Mr President, you are of mixed race, black and white and should and could have been the best of both races. Yet in the seven years of confusion and absence of ideas to make things better, you have enabled this country to return to a more segregated place they haven’t seen for more than 50 years.


I find it tragic that the funerals of Generals who died in combat; police officers; those killed by Black thugs; those killed by anyone, for that matter, other than a White man are in fact IGNORED at the national level.

While a tragedy, we must remember this atrocity was committed not by White racists, not by White haters, not by White anybody OTHER than a sick, disgusted, perverted, and worthless human being…who happens to be White. And, in the opinion of this White man and most others, deserves to die in the manner Pee-Wee Gaskins did – riding the lightning on Old Sparky.

Dylann Roof

That animal’s motivation for his acts does NOT translate to the rest of the Nation, the rest of the White population….and nor should it translate to the Black community.

Frankly, a tiny minority – in the five people range, perhaps – believe as this “man” did…and I will wager much that an equal number of Blacks would like to see Whites dead at Black hands. Please, do not harangue me on the numbers – I don’t truly know and don’t truly care – my point is hatred IS, in the America of Obama, a true two way street. The question to ask yourself is this: Is it two lanes on the White highway of hate and NONE on the Black? Is it four in both directions?

Barack Obama

Think. How often do we see White people on national television decrying their poverty, their situation, blaming everyone ELSE for their current issues? How often do we see a White pastor God-damning America? How often do we hear of a brutal gang of White teens raping a Black girl? How often do White people walk up to random strangers and play “knock-out?” How often do we see White faces spewing hate in pulpits, the Congress, the media …. the Oval Office?

Go to the funeral, Mr. President. I hope you go with the idea of providing comfort.

I know, however, you will provide a measure of hate. That is, after all, how you roll.

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