Police Officer Gets Breakfast to Go … What She Does Next Is Going Viral


An image going viral on social media shows a police officer in upstate New York sharing her breakfast with a homeless man.

The officer, who some Facebook users identified as Danielle Coonradt, ordered breakfast to go, took it outside, and sat down on the curb to share it with the man.

The image was uploaded to Facebook, and the description reads in part:

We saw a female Troy Police Officer come in and order breakfast to go. After breakfast, we go outside and see this same Troy PD officer sharing her breakfast with this homeless man, sitting on the curb in the rain.

This is why our police deserve our respect! As a daughter, granddaughter niece of a police officer and a 911 dispatcher, I support our great police!

Check out the image below …

Please share! I met a nice young homeless man this morning after bringing him breakfast. We then had breakfast…

Posted by Kyle McCauley Belokopitsky on Sunday, September 13, 2015

Coonradt has been with the Troy police force for roughly eight years according to previous media reports.

That particular police force has seen several attempts at falsely interjecting race into their handling of criminal activity.

In one situation, the Troy police were accused of brutality after detaining an African-American patron at an unruly local bar — they were later cleared of those accusations. Of course, that didn’t stop the bar owner from accusing the police of acting like the KKK, a charge he would later regret after he was arrested for shooting an unarmed black man.

In another situation, a local union organizer tried to instigate racial attacks on social media when he tweeted support for a carjacker who had shot and wounded two Troy police officers, particularly because of his skin color.

Coonradt’s actions show once again why the police deserve our respect. Mayoral candidate Jim Gordon responded to the image by saying, “The acts of sincere care, kindness, and compassion by each member of our police department far exceeds the constant negative scrutiny placed upon them.”

“They apply themselves to the best interest of our city, residents, and visitors,” he continued. “We are better because of them.”

Coonradt not only made news because of her act of kindness and generosity this weekend, she also showed off talents in an act of patriotism.

On the anniversary of the attacks on September 11th, Coonradt stole the show singing Amazing Grace during a remembrance ceremony at the Troy 9/11 memorial.

What do you think of this police officer’s act of kindness? Isn’t this what a majority of police officers are like in your community?

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