NBC’s Pete Williams: We May Never Know Why Steve Scalise Shooter Targeted Republicans

If there’s a drug that can make smart people say stupid things, none does it better than partisanship.

NBC News “Justice Correspondent” Pete Williams thinks that last spring’s shooting at a GOP congressional baseball practice in which Rep. Steve Scalise was seriously wounded just happened to be random, and that the motive was unclear. It’s incredible to see the lengths that some liberals will go to deny the motive of this shooting, which is completely obvious to anyone who followed the story. But before diving into Mr. Williams’s past comments, let’s recap the circumstances of that shooting.

  • The shooter was identified as James Hodgkinson, who was a campaign volunteer for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign
  • Hodgkinson checked to make sure the Congressional baseball practice only included Republicans before opening fire
  • Hodgkinson had a list of Republican targets in his pocket
  • Hodgkinson had anger management issues, and routinely railed against President Trump and Congressional Republicans on social media

Clearly, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to take a wild guess as to what Hodgkinson’s motive was. For Williams, however, the circumstances are somehow confusing. Relating that shooting to the horrific shooting in Las Vegas last night, Williams said on MSNBC that, “It would not be unheard of if at the end of all this it remains a puzzle. For example, just the recent shooting at the congressional baseball game here outside Washington, D.C. that wounded Steve Scalise and you know, was a devastating attack on that institution; the authorities can never say for sure what drove the gunman in that case.”

“His life was falling apart, he was experiencing financial problems, he was depressed. He came here, he said, hoping to talk to federal authorities in Washington about taxes, but why he targeted Republicans, what specifically he had in mind here, they have never answered that question,” Williams said.


That’s an odd way to acknowledge the reason that Hodgkinson opened fire, while completely ignoring the reason why Hodgkinson opened fire, isn’t it? Read his statement again: “Why he targeted Republicans, what specifically he had in mind here, they have never answered that question.”

Well there’s your answer, Williams: because they were Republicans!

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