Pentagon Lauds Transgender Major for ‘Bravery’ Two Days Before Independence Day

pentagon transgender major
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As the United States transitioned from the onslaught of “pride month” rainbow flags to the most patriotic month of the year, July – in which yards and parks are lined with the actual pride flag of this country – the Department of Defense opted to mark this year’s Independence Day celebrations with a nod to a transgender member of their team.

Two days before our beloved Independence Day, the DOD published a tweet celebrating the ‘bravery’ of a transgender Army officer.

The Major highlighted for their singular achievement of living their “authentic” life is a cybersecurity officer and one of many in the LGBT community paraded by the DOD to emphasize how cool it is to serve in the world’s most accepting and diverse military. One would think the DOD could take a knee on the gender and sexual ideology virtue signaling to spend a few days highlighting actual bravery in honor of our Independence.

Naturally, this latest tweet sparked more ire than support. It raised the enduring and perhaps most pressing question of our time: can our military and nation survive an attack from a foreign power? Let’s hope we never find out.

Clear and Present Danger

The DOD shared a blog article from the United States Army website titled ‘Living Authentically Saves Soldier’s Life’ on July 2nd.

The DOD wrote about Major Rachel Jones:

“Her journey from battling depression & suicidal thoughts to embracing authenticity inspires us all.”

In the article, Major Jones’ struggle with mental health is a centerpiece of the story. It states that thanks to the Major’s transition from being a biological man to a transgender woman:

“Today, she is living her truth and is no longer battling depression or suicidal thoughts.”

The most alarming part of this expose is easily the open admission from Major Jones of their inability to execute what is easily one of the most fundamental duties of a service member – deploying.

Major Jones admits:

“Even when deployed, the greatest threat to my own safety was myself.”

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As a combat veteran, I can say that you have to believe that the soldiers to the right and left of you are capable and focused on the mission and not on themselves. Otherwise, people die, and those people could easily be you and your team. 

But I guess we should be thankful Major Jones is “living authentically” in “her truth.”

A losing strategy

This desperate attempt to highlight a transgender soldier in a pathetic PR stunt to make the DOD seem inclusive is just one of many bizarre recruitment attempts by the five-sided building. Earlier, the DOD took heat for elevating Navy Yeoman 2nd Class Joshua Kelley as one of five “digital ambassadors” meant to attract a younger, more diverse pool of Americans.

Yeoman Kelley moonlights as drag queen “Harpy Daniels,” performing what the Navy dubs as morale events on our battleships. The Army also did a similar expose to the one on Major Jones for transgender man Sergeant Allen-Rowles. 

According to the Williams Institute, roughly 15,500 transgender individuals serve in the United States military. While only 1% of the Armed Forces is transgender, an alarming 21% of all transgender Americans have served in the military.

In an attempt to increase transgender recruitment, Democratic lawmakers are attempting to block any further attempts to ban transgender enlistments.

Congresswoman Sara Jacobs from California said:

“Anyone willing and able to serve our country should be able to serve authentically.”

Congresswoman Jacobs went on to spill the tea on the ultimate goal of the left when it comes to reimagining our military:

“As our military faces recruitment and retention challenges, we need to ensure that our policies reflect our military’s values of equality, diversity, and inclusion.”

Interestingly, those were not the values that I adhered to when I wore the uniform.

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A brand new service

The Department of Defense and each branch of service beneath it have core values that those privileged to don the uniform must adopt as their personal values. For example, the DOD has the following core values:

  • Duty
  • Integrity
  • Ethics
  • Honor
  • Courage
  • Loyalty

Each service beneath the DOD has the following core values:

  • Air Force – Integrity First, Service Before Self, Excellence in All We Do
  • Army – Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage
  • Navy & Marine Corps – Honor, Courage, Commitment

Nowhere in the above values is Diversity, Equity, Equality, or Inclusion mentioned. The gender ideology at its core runs in antithesis of the military core values.

Imagined concepts like “living authentically” and “living one’s truth” have nothing to do with, for example, Integrity, Loyalty, Selfless Service, and Commitment. There is, but one truth, not your own individual imagined truth. 

The obsession of those in the transgender community with themselves is a danger to the United States military, which is why a ban on transgender recruits is imperative.

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The truth

President Biden claims:

“Transgender Americans shape our nation’s soul…”

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austen released the following for pride month:

“To defend our republic and win its wars, the ranks of the U.S. military must remain open to all qualified patriots who seek to serve. … Militaries that do not avail themselves of the best possible talent of their country put themselves at a strategic disadvantage.”

And in the latest DOD tweet hailing Major Jones as a hero, they attached the hashtag #WhyWeServe. But none of these platitudes are true.

What shapes the soul of our nation, and any nation for that matter, is the principles that built this country, the men and women who were actual heroes throughout our history who fought and died for this country, and the enduring fight to keep our country rooted to the ideals that helped birth it. 

We should be celebrating and honoring all these things every day, especially on July 4th.

You can’t join the military if you have a peanut allergy or braces on your teeth – so don’t for one second believe that the Democrat’s push to allow transgender people to serve openly has anything to do with security or diversity. 

Like all things from the left, it is about politics and nothing else. Finally, people like Major Jones are not why people like myself signed up to serve and continued to for 20 years.

I raised my right hand to be a part of something greater than myself, and I continued to raise my right hand because I believed in my service’s core values. That is #WhyIServed.

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