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Pence Family Mocked for Looking Sad While Visiting Nazi Concentration Camp

Further confirming that no member of the Trump Administration will ever be able to do anything right in the eyes of liberals, Mike Pence came under fire yesterday for looking saddened and disturbed while visiting a concentration camp.

Pence paid a somber visit to the site of the Dachau concentration camp nearly a year ago, where tens of thousands were killed during World War II. Pence was accompanied by Abba Naor, a survivor of the camp.

More than 200,000 people from across Europe were held at Dachau, and over 40,000 died there. The camp was liberated by U.S. forces in April 1945.

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Pence posted one of the photos from the visit in the tweet below:

For some unknown reason, a different photo from the visit became the subject of mockery in liberal circles on Twitter yesterday.

Jeffrey Lewis, who is an “American expert in nuclear nonproliferation and geopolitics,” couldn’t help but comment about how boring and glum Pence and his wife looked.

Ian Bremmer, a “political scientist specializing in U.S. foreign policy, states in transition, and global political risk” commented that he couldn’t imagine looking that unhappy.

It really doesn’t take much intelligence to be a “political expert” nowadays, does it?

I’m assuming they didn’t know the context of the photo, because both ended up deleting their tweets (probably in embarrassment). It’s doubtful that the deletion was because they were “sorry.”

It’s ironic that after spending the last two years hysterically comparing the Trump Administration to Nazis, liberals would attack Pence for looking sad at a concentration camp. Were they sincerely expecting him to express glee?

Personally, I doubt it. It’s more likely they saw the picture out of context, and decided to add their pointless commentary to it, before being mocked for it. I’m sure they’ll both post something even stupider in the future.

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