Pelosi On COVID-19 Aid Package: ‘Everything I Do Is About The Children’ — ‘I Have Advice For Them Whether They Want It Or Not’

On Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi discussed the stalled economic relief talks in Congress on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Pelosi complained that President Donald Trump has obstructed Democrats’ plans to to have vote-by-mail and safely reopen schools in the fall.

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Pelosi: ‘You know everything I do is about the children’

The House Speaker then claimed that everything she does “is about the children,” and she has “advice” for children, “whether they want it or not.”

“If we’re going to educate our children, we have to have the facts in terms of what is needed, and they’re rejecting the expert recommendations of the American Association of Superintendents of Schools,” Pelosi said, adding, “It’s about the children.”

“Let me just say this … you know everything I do is about the children,” Pelosi said. “You know, having five children of my own, nine grandchildren, I worry about everybody’s children in America, of course. I have advice for them whether they want it or not.”

Speaker Pelosi suggests focusing on the minority community

“And one of the things that is so terrible is in this epidemic because we’re saying we have to assault the virus, we have to defeat the virus, contain the virus, stop the spread, and that means we have to have testing, tracing, treatment, masks, spacing, all the rest of it,” she continued.

Pelosi went on, “And we especially have to look into the minority community, which is suffering an undue disproportionate impact of this virus.”


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“Think of this: a Hispanic child is eight times more likely to be hospitalized with the virus than other children,” she claimed. “Eight times. An African-American child is five times more likely to be hospitalized from the virus than other children. I mean, this is a challenge to our conscience. But, again, they refuse to face the gravity of the situation and listen to scientists and tell us what we need to do.”

“And with their school money that they have, they want to spend the overwhelming bulk of it, in only schools that open up,” Pelosi finished.