Pelosi’s Meeting With Ilhan Omar Over Anti-Semitic Tweets Didn’t Work

Rep. Ilhan Omar tweeted this apology after her anti-Semitic remarks that prompted a visit from Rep. Nancy Pelosi who was supposed to have explained why the comments were so offensive. If you ask me, it reads like Omar didn’t get the message:

Pelosi put this tweet out after the meeting:

This is yet another example of how diversity and tolerance take precedence over the damage produced by an ideology of hatred that seeks to conquer us.

It’s beyond comprehension how so many Americans, particularly Jewish Americans, ignore the consequences of not only welcoming individuals who play footsie with anti-Semitism into our country but elect them to positions of power, even after their masks fall off and their true thoughts are revealed. Destruction of America? That’s no problem, as long as we welcome and embrace hateful individuals without ever questioning the concept of diversity. Let’s make sure we feel righteous and inclusive while our country slips away!

Pelosi is the poster child for all that is wrong with politics today. She is one of the leading liars in Washington. Her understudy, Adam Schiff, is learning from the master. She either doesn’t care or doesn’t see the contradictions in what she does and what she says. The whole Democratic Party is a hate-America-first operation. All one needs to do is look at what they promote and say.

Rep. Omar is just the latest example of what the Dems are all about. I am sure that the conversation between this Trump-hater and Nancy went something along the lines of Nancy telling her that it is okay for her to have her hate-filled opinions. She just has to be more careful in how she articulates them until the Dems take back the Senate and the presidency.

Omar shouldn’t be in Congress in the first place with her views. Her anti-Semitic views should result in her being removed from the Foreign Affairs Committee. But, Pelosi wants her there where she can do damage with her bigoted and prejudicial stance.

Believe me, Omar will continue to be a problem for Nancy.

Anyone who accepts an apology from Rep. Omar or any Democrat politician is a fool. They do not suddenly see the light after decades of hateful thoughts, words, and actions. The road-to-Damascus conversions of Democrats are always conveniently timed, half-hearted attempts to get out of trouble.

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