Pearl Harbor survivor Lester Lindow appeared on Fox News and offered up his feelings on what Americans should learn from the attack 75 years ago.

His advice is perfect, and will surely send liberals running to their safe spaces.

Anchor Jenna Lee askek Lindow, “What do you want America to remember about that day, Les?”

“To be American, that’s what I like,” he said. “I don’t like the liberal stuff that’s going on now.”

Patriotism? Anti-liberalism? Oh man, snowflakes on college campuses across America are going to need an industrial strength safety pin after that.

Watch what the World War II veteran had to say below …

Lindow is one of over 100 World War II veterans who have been flown to Hawaii to participate in a week of events honoring their courage and sacrifice.

His story, via Fox News Insider:

Lindow had planned to go surfing off Waikiki the morning of December 7, 1941, but when he stepped on the Maryland’s quarterdeck, he saw a Japanese airplane approaching.

He ran below deck to his battle station, where he was a gun trainer on a 16-inch battery. During the battle, he was sent to replace the pointer on a 1.1-inch anti-aircraft gun.

The next day, he helped pull some of the more than 2,400 who were killed from the water.

Lindow said he hopes that when Americans reflect on Pearl Harbor, they remember “to be American.”

Lindow was recognized during a Veteran’s Day celebration in 2013, in which he “was inundated with plaques and proclamations from area politicians and was genuinely surprised at being honored” at the ceremony.


Comment: What do you think of this Pearl Harbor survivor’s advice to young people, to be American? Share your thoughts below.

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