Just months ahead of his departure in November, Paul Ryan is using the last of his time as a politician to push for amnesty. (RELATED: Top 5 Possible Paul Ryan Replacements).

Last night a bipartisan measure called a “discharge petition” failed to get enough signatures to force a vote on the DREAM Act, and another bill. Both bills would provide a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants who were brought over as children. The petition was two signatures short of the 218 votes needed.

As a result, two other immigration bills will be voted on next week, as opposed to four. One of the bills was developed by Reps. Bob Goodlatte and Michael McCaul, and is considered to be a “compromise bill” that includes some forms of amnesty. The second bill will be drafted by Paul Ryan’s team, and will likely be the worst.

As Breitbart noted, that’s because “The Ryan announcement came just after the failure by the breakaway group of legislators to get the needed 25 signature for their amnesty discharge. If the group had won 25 signatures by the end of June 11, they would have allied with Democrats to pass a no-strings amnesty on June 25.”

Republican Rep. Dan Newhouse said last night that he didn’t sign the discharge petition because he was promised by Paul Ryan a bill that “would amnesty the DACA illegals and also provide the agriculture industry with a new influx of cheap labor.” Nowhere in Newhouse’s concerns about immigration does he mention a border wall, deporting criminal illegal immigrants, or any real reform.

Meanwhile, Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo was more moderate in his depiction of Ryan’s amnesty bill. “Our goal is to not cut legal immigration,” Curbelo said on June 8th. He continued by asserting that the number of illegals who get green cards from the amnesty should be “as high a number as possible.”

With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats?