How far is the New York Times willing to go to trash President Donald Trump with fake news? At least a football field.

The latest example of the media rushing to troll Trump only to fall flat on their faces and be exposed came out of the New England Patriots visit to the White House to commemorate their Super Bowl win this year.

President Trump hosted his friends Patriots Owner Bob Kraft and Head Coach Bill Belichick along with many other players, coaches and staff members. MVP Quarterback Tom Brady wasn’t able to make the trip due to unspecified “personal family matters” (we do know his mom is battling cancer), but he sent a nice note thanking Trump for his support, “Thank you to the President for hosting this honorary celebration and for supporting our team for as long as I can remember.”

Bizarrely, President Trump did not say Brady’s name during his congratulatory speech. Brady also did not attend the White House ceremony Obama hosted when the Patriots won in 2015.

And it was that 2015 White House visit that tripped the New York Times up. They tweeted this picture comparing “Patriots’ turnout” for Obama and Trump:

I can only imagine the glee that tweet was posted with, the NYT thinking they had embarrassed Trump with that picture comparison. You can also tell by the tens of thousands of likes and retweets that liberals loved it, too.

The only problem? The pictures aren’t comparable!

The Patriots themselves had to go to Twitter to set the record straight:

The Obama picture was a posed photo op with the whole team contingent, while the Trump picture was taken when Trump was still speaking and many team staffers were still sitting in the audience listening.

Here’s the posed team photo the New York Times (if they cared about integrity and not just smearing the president) should have compared the 2015 Obama photo to:

Interesting… looks like there were more people at this year’s event than in 2015 – but that doesn’t fit the narrative the NYT wanted to tell.

The Patriots say a better comparison would be with the last time they won two Super Bowls in three years, in 2004 under President George W. Bush. In 2015, it was the Patriots’ first Super Bowl in 10 years so it was most players’ first win and first opportunity to visit the White House.

Of course, by the time the truth was out there it was too late, the liberal mainstream media and alt left (who rooted against the Pats) had already run with the fake news, made it the big story to come out of the event, then moved on.

The good news is that the Patriots won the Super Bowl and Trump won the election and as much as the left hates it, no amount of fake news can change those facts.

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