This doesn’t surprise me one bit.

The libelous dust storm kicked up by Christine Blasey Ford over an alleged incident of sexual assault that occurred at the hands of Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court, is causing a lot of confusion.

So many outstanding questions remain about Ford’s story: Why is it just coming out now when she informed Senator Dianne Feinstein of the claims back in July? Why did Ford, through her attorney, claim that she would testify before Congress about the incident but is now backing away? (RELATED: Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford Wants FBI Investigation, Won’t Testify Before Congress.) Why is Ford and the Democrats demanding an FBI investigation when the FBI doesn’t have jurisdiction over a sex crime committed nearly 40 years ago? (RELATED: Here’s Why An FBI Investigation Of Kavanaugh Would Solve Nothing.)

There’s a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee scheduled for Monday. Brett Kavanaugh will likely attend. Senate Democrats claim that not enough witnesses will testify. Senator Feinstein released the following statement regarding the lack of witnesses:

Well, it looks like Feinstein is about to get her to wish, and not in the way she wanted. Another witness has emerged, but he’s on Kavanaugh’s side and is refuting Ford’s story completely. The news comes via CNN:

In a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee, another former classmate of Brett Kavanaugh’s denies attending a party like the one described in the allegation made by Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused the Supreme Court nominee of sexually assaulting her three decades ago when they were teenagers.

Patrick J. Smyth attended Georgetown Prep — an all-boys school in North Bethesda, Maryland — alongside Kavanaugh. Both men graduated in 1983.

Here’s what Smyth wrote in a letter to Senator Chuck Grassley, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee:

I understand that I have been identified by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford as the person she remembers as “PJ” who supposedly was present at the party she described in her statements to the Washington Post. I am issuing this statement today to make it clear to all involved that I have no knowledge of the party in question; nor do I have any knowledge of the allegations of improper conduct she has leveled against Brett Kavanaugh.

This makes yet another witness who denies what Ford is alleging. Mark Judge, a friend of Kavanaugh, was also named by Ford as the other person in the room at the time of the incident. Judge denies that Kavanaugh ever assaulted Ford.

The Political Insider recently discussed the whole Kavanaugh kerfuffle with Jonathan Miller of Conservative Review. Check out the full interview below:

So far, the witnesses who have been identified and have spoken out have confirmed that there was no wrongdoing.

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None of this looks good for Ford, who looks more untrustworthy by the day.

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