Pat Robertson: I Wish Reagan Would Rise From the Dead and Lead America

pat robertson

Pat Robertson, as most of us do, wishes America could find a President who could lead this nation back to prominence and greatness on the world stage. Somebody like Ronald Reagan. Or maybe even the Gipper himself.

Robertson, appearing on his television show “The 700 Club,” compared and contrasted our current President with Reagan. He explained that Reagan “just believed in America” and wasn’t afraid to enunciate his belief in “foundational values.”

Obama however, “Does not believe in America,” according to Robertson.

“He does not believe in the fundamental values, he’s raised in a different environment entirely, and his mentors have been leftists who don’t really love this country.”

Based on those assessments, Robertson pronounced “I wish Reagan would rise from the dead and come back.”

“He was a great President.”

Watch Robertson’s comments below…

Who could better lead this nation – President Obama or a newly arisen Ronald Reagan? Is there anybody in the GOP field of contenders for 2016 who might possibly resemble a reincarnation of President Reagan? If so, who? Tell us below.

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