‘Party of Diversity’ Represented by Most Non-Diverse Panel of Democrat Candidates at Upcoming Debate

The 7th democratic presidential debate, held in Iowa tomorrow, will be filled with wealthy victims of paleness. For a party obsessed by racial quotas, this is hilariously ironic.

2020 Democrats

By David Kamioner | January 13, 2020

The decades-long race hustle the Dems have been pulling on America is getting so absurd it’s amazing the leftist party can summon up the words to promote it anymore without breaking out into gales of hysterical mirth.

And with the announcement on Monday that Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) is leaving the campaign trail and the fact that all Dem participants at tomorrow’s night’s debate at Drake University in Iowa are the most pale shade of light pink (after all everybody is actually “of color”), the race-obsessed party sports an election contender lineup that is all white except for former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick who is registering as “Who?” in polls.

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Granted, Andrew Yang is not caucasian. But he would today be filed under that at America’s most prestigious liberal colleges to in effect stop overachieving Asian students from taking top admission slots. So who are we not to bow down to the vaunted wisdom of Harvard and Yale?

Isn’t it magically delicious that the assembled palefaces in Des Moines tomorrow night will be prattling on about the downtrodden of our minority populations and then afterward likely having an adorable repast composed of a mayonnaise sandwich washed down with Chardonnay?

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Like so much else they stand for, the Dem position on race is “look at what I say”, not at “what I do or who I am.” If this country was as fanatically focused on race as the Dem establishment, if even their own party was, then why haven’t the “of color” candidates been elected by acclamation?

Because the American people, still perhaps some Dem voters as well, are not racists. As opposed to what Dems are telling them to do, they still look to merit, not color, when making political choices.

As it should be.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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