Why is it that a select handful of survivors from the Valentine’s Day school shooting in Parkland, Florida got paraded around the country by the media – but the survivors of the Santa Fe shooting in May got almost zero media attention?

VICE News, one of the few outlets to give extensive interviews with the survivors at Sante Fe, and it’s immediately evidenced why those survivors were ignored; because they don’t want gun control. Most of the students interviewed emphasized why they don’t believe in gun control, and some explicitly criticized the Parkland activists. “Those people who say we need gun control… I’m not going to say they’re idiots but…. they’re idiots” said one Santa Fe survivor.

Liberals only seem to emphasize how “the youth are our future” when those youth believe exactly what they do.

While initially advocating solely for gun control, anyone that’s followed the Parkland activists on social media knows that they’ve since morphed into spouting any generic left-wing point of view. The new school year at their high school (Marjory Stoneman Douglas) began this week, and the school safety activists who emerged following the shooting are speaking out against the opportunistic gun control advocates that seemed more interested in their media tour than actually solving anything.

As the Conservative Tribune reported, “According to Parkland locals, David Hogg hasn’t knocked on a single door in his own community as the Broward County school district prepares to have elections for new school board members” after encouraging others to do the same for national elections.

As the Tribune noted, both Ryan Petty and Lori Alhadeff are Parkland parents who lost children in the shooting that are running for the school board. Both have made school safety part of their platform.

Despite their loss, and campaigns to make schools safer, Hogg (and the other Parkland activists) have completely ignored them, and the rest of the community has taken notice.

Hunter Pollack, who lost his sister Meadow in the shooting was the first to call Hogg out.

Hunter also called out Emma Gonzalez in another post, whom he says he’s reached out to on numerous occasions for the purpose of promoting unity.

According to 19-year-old student Kenneth Preston, “some who gained a ‘massive platform’ from the Parkland shooting have ‘forgotten what happened here at home and have neglected the local election.'” Preston added, “They haven’t dedicated any of their time to the school board races.”

By contrast, pro-gun Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv has been actively promoting those candidates who lost children in the shooting.

If someone who lost a child campaigning on gun control were running for the school board in Parkland, wouldn’t Hogg, Gonzalez, and the like be promoting their campaign like crazy? Of course, they would.

But this was never about keeping kids safe. It was always about the guns.

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