This is the same drug President Trump has wanted to fast track – so of course it’s “dangerous!”

MSN reported that two grams of the drug can kill you. Seriously.


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Donald Trump Jr. knocked this claim out of the park, since two grams of the drug would be a massive overdose!

“What’s your point? 2 grams of caffeine can kill you too, but no one is planning on prescribing that much,” Don Jr. tweeted. “This bulls*** is why everyone hates and doesn’t trust the media. They are trying to create fear for clicks with misleading and irrelevant info.”

“You people truly suck!” he added.

This Woman is a Doctor?

But perhaps the worse fear mongering over the drug came from TV doctor Dena Grayson, who tweeted something really ridiculous.

“BREAKING: A man DIED & his wife is in ICU after they ingested #chloroquine, one of the anti-malarials that @realDonaldTrump touted,” Grayson tweeted on Monday.

There’s one big problem: This didn’t happen.

Both in their 60s, this husband and wife ingested fish tank cleaner! As Banner Health Hospital explained in their press release on this tragedy, “A man has died and his wife is under critical care after the couple, both in their 60s, ingested chloroquine phosphate, an additive commonly used at aquariums to clean fish tanks.”

The couple did not have prescriptions for medicine, they ate something that was meant for cleaning aquariums.

Is President Trump doing a good job in handling coronavirus?

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Dr. Grayson linked an Axios article that originally didn’t mention the fish tank cleaner, and falsely reported that a man died from “one of the anti-malaria drugs that President Trump has mentioned in recent days.” When Axios eventually updated their story, it noted that “the form of chloroquine the couple ingested was used in aquariums — and it was not a medication.”

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Still, a television doctor with a quarter million twitter followers was trying to make it look like the President’s rhetoric was responsible for death.

“As I warned, these anti-malarial drugs are associated with FATAL side effects and should only be taken under the close supervision of a doctor,” Grayson tweeted.

Stop with the Anti-Trump Fearmongering!

It’s tragic that these two people took something they shouldn’t have, but might that have been caused by a media hell-bent on peddling fear? Too many are turning legitimate questions the public has about coronavirus into opportunities to manipulate the news to attack Trump.

This is the last thing this country needs right now.

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