President Donald Trump is scheduled to announce his 2nd Supreme Court nominee tonight at 9 pm. But if we learn from history, we will have a good idea who the nominee is beforehand.

The internet is buzzing with endless speculation on which nominee Trump will replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy with, and liberals are attacking before a nominee has even been named. (RELATED: WATCH: College Students Freak Out Over Fake Trump SCOTUS Pick).

But now, it appears U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) may have let Trump’s choice slip accidentally.

In an op-ed for The Deseret News, Hatch used a female pronoun to describe Trump’s pick. This one word may give away that Hatch knows Trump’s pick will be a conservative favorite: Judge Amy Barrett.

Here’s what Hatch said:

“Just as he did with Neil Gorsuch, the president has promised to nominate an impartial judge, a wise and seasoned jurist committed to upholding the Constitution at all costs,” he writes. “But no matter the nominee’s background or credentials, progressives will do everything they can to paint her as a closet partisan, if not an outright extremist.”

Perhaps this is just a mistake by Hatch’s communications team and it’s not clear just how much Hatch has been on the inside of Trump’s decision-making process. But the two Republicans are very close. Hatch recently said Trump’s presidency could go down in history as the greatest “maybe ever” and has been a strong defender of Trump amid his anti-Trump Senate colleagues.

Or maybe Hatch did this on purpose to “troll” us?

Other likely choices are Brett Kavanaugh and Thomas Hardiman. Raymond Kethledge has reportedly been ruled out already.

It will be interesting to see tonight if Hatch’s pronoun usage ends up being correct. Trump has worked closely with the conservative Federalist Society to ensure a conservative, originalist jurist is selected. And this will be perhaps the most important fight of the Trump presidency.

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