Say, Ms. Omarosa Manigault-Newman hasn’t been in the news much this week, huh? I wonder why that is…

Well, it certainly isn’t because her entire story about a recording existing of Trump saying the n-word totally fell apart last weekend, is it? If you remember – and it’s hard to remember these days with the slapdash pace of the news cycle – Omarosa’s fable was the biggest news item last week.

The crack team at The Political Insider’s fact-checking division debunked Omarosa’s tall tale every step of the way, from noting that her story changed multiple times (RELATED: Omarosa’s Source Denies That ‘N-Word Tapes’ Exist.) to reporting on Omarosa’s source denying that the recording even exists, to begin with. (RELATED: Omarosa’s Source Denies That ‘N-Word Tapes’ Exist.)

Omarosa had zero credibility once she was fired from the White House. Yet, reporters fell for her scam nonetheless, and are now turning their back on the former Trump employee. CNN has reportedly cut all ties with the reality TV star.

Now, we’re just getting word from an interesting source that Omarosa actually spread the n-word tape story for a very vindictive reason. But she wasn’t doing it to draw publicity for her book. She wanted the opposite effect for somebody else. In other words, she was trying to deprive someone of attention. And that someone was Aretha Franklin, who died from cancer last week. (RELATED: Aretha Franklin Passes Away At The Age Of 76.)

That’s according to April Ryan, a black female CNN contributor who’s none too keen on Omarosa.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ryan confirmed as much:

She spoke to THR about her contentious relationship with White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, her public split from ex-friend Omarosa Manigault Newman, and the overall climate of hostility toward the press that President Trump has fostered.

Ryan alleged that Manigault Newman teased and then promoted a revelation about a tape of Trump saying the N-word because she wanted to distract attention away from Aretha Franklin’s failing health and passing as an act of retribution. “She did it because Aretha Franklin didn’t want her at her birthday party,” Ryan said. “That’s how vindictive Omarosa is.”

Can you believe that? I certainly can. Omarosa has always been a snake. It never made any sense, to begin with, that someone like Omarosa would work for President Trump if she seriously thought he was a racist.

Ryan just exposed Omarosa for the fraud she really is. Now, the reporters who took her seriously may want to take their B.S. detectors to the shop to get fixed.

Can Omarosa Be Trusted?

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Looks like Omarosa’s book of fiction will be making its way to a grocery store bargain bin near you.

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