Oh Yeah, About Those Masks…The Credibility Ship Has Sailed

Beginning roughly two weeks ago, we all watched as mass stay-at-home orders and self-isolation gave way to massive street protests, where tens or hundreds of thousands of people gathered together in the U.S. and around the world, often one on top of the other, chanting, yelling and singing: a virtual laboratory for what we had spent four months hearing was exactly what one must not do in the middle of this pandemic.


To the tyrants that order mask-wearing, it is the symbolism that is important. The lockdowns should never have been ordered. The masks serve as a visual symbol of fear, to show that the lockdowns were justified.

This is a total CYA effort in the face of the strong evidence provided by the states that never ordered the useless lockdowns.

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First of all, it is not a small inconvenience. It is a huge inconvenience and most probably does little to no good, The mask wearer is re-breathing his CO2, sweating, has decreased O2, has interference with vision, and isn’t stopping a microscopic virus.

We simply cannot protect ourselves from every virus out there – cannot be done period. I love the way all the flu shot naysayers are now demanding vaccine for COVID.

All those having to mask while working also must repeat themselves endlessly because their voices are muffled, instructions misinterpreted. In a protected, professional environment, the proper mask worn correctly can protect both the wearer and others, but only for a short period. I also love the compulsive mask wearers who get takeout from restaurants, never considering the multitude of hands the food has experienced!

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Neighbors go to Costco regularly, buy takeout, etc., but won’t sit on an outdoor deck without masks.


Some experts have published papers showing that mask-wearing makes people sick – gives them headaches, makes them gasp for oxygen, and makes them breathe in their dirty germs again and again.

I go with the papers which make more common sense, not with papers that play political football.

I have no idea the political leanings of people wearing masks, but I am willing to bet that the majority of mask wearers lean left and the non-mask wearers tend to lean right. One thing I would suggest to mask wearers is that they have someone teach them the correct way to wear masks because about 95% of those wearing masks are not using them properly and therefore are wasting their money. I wore these masks for work, and you had to be certified yearly for the mask you wore, and most of the time, that didn’t even work.

It’s mass social and behavioral modification. It’s a restructuring of society to condition people to observe and accept absurd new authoritarian diktats everywhere they go. It’s not about a virus. This is about control.

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Mask wearers have discovered a new way to be safe. When one wears the mask properly, one is virtually unidentifiable. One becomes like the manikins in a clothing store; the most important part is missing. Some say the eyes are the windows of the soul. When the soul is dead, the eyes show it.

The masks may become like the high side cell phone. Social distancing started when the cell phone began to hold the owner’s entire life on it.




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