LOL! This GOP Official Just Dropped The Best Hillary Joke Of The Election

Monica Lewinsky

Well, the silly season in politics has become a year-round event with this presidential campaign it seems. Florida GOP official Bob Sutton just added to the craziness with an obscene joke about potential debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Sutton, who is chairman of the Broward County Republican Party, could have used any number of metaphors to describe how Hillary is going to lose to Trump.

He could have gone with ‘Trump is going to beat her like an egg.’ Or, ‘Trump will beat her like a rented mule,’ which would even seem witty considering the Democrat Party symbol.

Even the metaphor used by a Democrat strategist earlier in the week, that Trump will beat her like “a baby seal,” would have been more acceptable (with the exception of the PETA people).

Instead, Sutton told the Washington Post that Trump is going to beat Hillary so badly, she would … well, we’ll let you hear for yourself.

Via the Sun Sentinel:

Bob Sutton, chairman of the Broward County Republican Party, used a startling metaphor to explain his view that Donald Trump would perform better than Hillary Clinton in a presidential debate.

“I think when Donald Trump debates Hillary Clinton she’s going to go down like Monica Lewinsky,” he said in a quote attributed to him by The Washington Post.

Lewinsky was, perhaps, the most famous White House intern in the nation’s history. What became known as the Lewinsky scandal involved a sexual relationship between her and then President Bill Clinton, something he called an “inappropriate relationship,” in 1995 and 1996. The oral sex that was part of their relationship received enormous public attention at the time.

Eventually it led to Clinton’s impeachment by the House, but he wasn’t convicted by the Senate, remained in office, and has become a popular former president who often campaigns for his wife.

The secretary of the county Republican Party, Kristin Matheny, chastised Sutton for making the comparison.

“As a woman, as a Republican, it’s not what I would have said,” she said, adding “I don’t endorse it in any way.”

“I think he absolutely needs to apologize,” Matheny said.

Comment: What do you think of Sutton’s comments? Just a joke, or does he need to apologize? Share your thoughts below.

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