Ocasio-Cortez: Illegal Immigrants Are More American Than Trump

New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responded to President Trump’s speech on border security, claiming illegal immigrants are more American than he is.

The socialist darling of the “resistance” party appeared in an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow following the President’s speech, making a number of curious claims.

“The women and children on the border seeking refuge and opportunity in the U.S. with nothing but the shirt on their backs are acting more American than any person who seeks to keep them out ever will be,” she told viewers.

Actually, as an illegal, they aren’t American at all. Roughly zero percent American, come to think of it.

As Ann Coulter has stated, the wall is actually the compassionate, humanitarian, and American solution.

Trump concured, stating “As President of the United States, my highest loyalty, my greatest compassion, and my constant concern is for America’s children, America’s struggling workers, and America’s forgotten communities.”

Illegal immigrants do not care about any one of those groups of people, not one. They only care about the benefits they’ll be privy to by breaking the laws of a sovereign nation, and the people who will suffer because of it are of no concern.

If they did care about Americans and want to integrate into American society, they’d come to this country legally.

She Suddenly Cares About Facts Again

The 29-year-old face of the Democrat Party suddenly found love for factual statements again, after dismissing them just days earlier because they aren’t nearly as important as her supposed morals. And she did so by presenting a falsehood in the very same breath.

“In the actual address, there was falsehood after falsehood and we have to make sure that we get our facts straight,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “Everyday immigrants commit crimes at a far lower rate than native-born Americans.”

First off, President Trump isn’t concerned about actual legal immigrants. Second, the border wall is to address illegal immigrants, and they commit crime at a 100 percent rate, hence the word ‘illegal.’

And third, when questioned recently about her own loose grasp of them, Ocasio-Cortez suggested facts don’t matter.

“If people really want to blow up one figure here or one word there, I would argue they are missing the forest for the tree,” she said. “I think there’s a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually, and semantically correct than about being morally right.”

Hate to rain on the parade here, but the benefits of Trump’s wall are factually sound and ‘morally right.’

Claims ICE Violating Human Rights, Causing Death

Ocasio-Cortez then pivoted to smearing ICE agents, saying the law enforcement agency is violating human rights and murdering people.

“The president should not be asking for more money to an agency that has systematically violated human rights,” she claimed. “The president should be really defending why we are funding such an agency at all because right now what we are seeing is death.”

Part of Ocasio-Cortez’ platform as a candidate was running on the concept of abolishing ICE. Everyone knows, after all, that all good Democrats despise law and order.

She went so far as to suggest ICE is an organization that “incarcerates children and sexually assaults women with impunity.”

However, as hypocrites are wont to do, Ocasio-Cortez’ actions did not match her rhetoric, and she recently voted to fund the organization she claims are serial abusers of innocent people.

“If Ocasio-Cortez promised to overhaul ICE, the last thing she should be doing on her first days in office is putting her support behind funding for the DHS — even as a short-term measure,” Elizabeth King of Yahoo writes.

Well, to be fair, the last thing she should be doing is serving in Congress, as she is clearly out of her element and competency level.

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