You would think former President Obama would have plenty of time on his hands now that he’s out of office to get the family together and take a nice new Christmas photo. But alas …

Obama was in such a rush earlier this week to take a shot at President Trump and his insistence that he brought back the phrase ‘Merry Christmas,’ that he posted a holiday picture that might seem a wee bit familiar.

First off, the 2017 Christmas photo Obama tweeted that had liberals and media elites swooning …

The International Business Times said the photo was a new ‘release.’

Newsweek gushed that the photo was “much more popular than Trump’s” Christmas photo.

The Hill noted that the image marked the Obama family’s “first Christmas season outside of the White House in eight years.

One thing they failed to mention, however, is that the photo isn’t nearly as original and new as they’d like you to believe.

In fact, Obama used the photo as his Christmas message in 2015.

Recycling Christmas photos just to show you’re a big fan of saying ‘Merry Christmas’ is kinda lazy, no?

It wasn’t just 2015 either. The photo was originally a Christmas image taken in 2013 at the 32nd Annual “Christmas in Washington” charity concert.

We know the former President is a big fan of recycling and all, but this seems kind of ridiculous.

It’s clear that Obama simply wanted to send President Trump a message that he is capable of using the words ‘Merry Christmas.’ The copied photo was sent out within hours of the President tweeting:

Hey Newsweek, didn’t you just recently accuse Ivanka Trump of “plagiarizing” one of her own speeches?

Does this mean Barack plagiarized his own Christmas photo?

What do you think of Obama using the same Christmas photo over and over again? Share your thoughts below!