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This Image Shows The USS Ronald Reagan vs. The ‘USS Barack Obama’

This fantastic image compares the USS Ronald Reagan to the future USS Barack Obama. I think this image says it all:
Obama Military

LOL… This is classic!

Obama made America less safe, and there have been too many recent Islamic terrorist attacks on American soil. While Obama can’t talk about “Islam” and “terrorism” in the same sentence, ISIS is stronger than ever and and that is dangerous.

During one of his golfing factions, Obama didn’t approve a mission requested by the Navy SEALs to recover hostages in Afghanistan. The hostages were United States citizen Kevin King and Australian citizen Timothy Weeks, two English teachers. And they would be free today if Obama could have approved the action from Martha’s Vineyard.

Apparently, nothing can get in the way of an Obama family vacation. Obama made our military weak, which is why this is the perfect boat to “honor” his 8 years in the White House.

This is why Trump was elected, to bring respect back to our country and our military!

Obama was an embarrassment to America. Please share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.