Obama Humiliated After Sharing Summer Playlist As Singer Trashes Him – ‘War Criminal’

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The entertainment world has been fawning over the former President Barack Obama for nearly two decades now. That’s why it had to have come as a humiliating surprise for Obama when one of the singers he named on his summer playlist for 2023 fired back by publicly bashing him.

Obama Humiliated Over Summer Playlist

Obama took to Twitter last Thursday to post his summer playlist, something that he posts annually.

“Like I do every year, here are some songs I’ve been listening to this summer — a mix of old and new,” Obama wrote. “Look forward to hearing what I’ve missed.”

The list included the song “Not Strong Enough,” which was released earlier this year by the band Boygenius. Lucy Dacus, the lead singer for the band, retweeted Obama’s post while also taking a brutal dig at the former president.

“war criminal :(,” she wrote.


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Obama’s Drone Strike History

While Dacus did not go into any further detail about why she feels that Obama is a “war criminal,” it could be because during the eight years he was in office, he ordered 563 drone strikes. These strikes killed approximately 3,797 people, between 384 and 807 of which were civilians, according to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

The first drone strike that Obama approved reportedly killed 55 people, including 21 children and 12 women, five of whom were pregnant at the time. Another strike that Obama ordered while in office targeted a funeral in Pakistan, resulting in 41 people being killed.

Had Donald Trump had this kind of record while he was in office, he would have been blasted as a “war criminal” by countless woke celebrities and by the mainstream media on a daily basis. Because it was the liberal Obama ordering these strikes, however, the media swept the strikes under the rug and radically leftwing celebrities stayed silent about the “war crimes” of their beloved deity of a president.

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Dacus’ Politics 

While we would love to say that Dacus is a proud conservative patriot, that is unfortunately not the case. The New York Daily News reported that Dacus supported Bernie Sanders during the 2020 presidential election, and she told Jacobin Magazine last year that after growing up in an “apolitical” home, she was radicalized while attending high school in Richmond, Virginia.

“Suddenly I was around a lot of people that knew about politics,” she recalled. “I was like, ‘Oh, the thing that sounds best is anarcho-communism. That really sounds like what we should all be working toward.’ … I don’t know if I ascribe to that now, I don’t know if I ascribe to anything, but I definitely think socialism has a lot of points.”

Though Dacus is no fan of Obama’s, she doesn’t have any love for his successor either.

“[Donald] Trump is an intentionally evil, bigoted man that represents capitalism and white supremacy,” she said in a 2020 interview. “To criticize his leadership would only be a compliment to him, in that it would assign him as a leader, which he is not.”

Clearly we don’t agree with Dacus on much, but we can still applaud her for having the guts to go against her fellow liberals by publicly criticizing Obama, who continues to be worshipped by the left seven years after leaving office as if he is some sort of God. After years of watching countless celebrities sing Obama’s praises like it’s their job, it’s refreshing to see one hit him right where it hurts!

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