During a radio interview with Hot 105 FM in Florida, President Obama may have inadvertently provided the ideal reason NOT to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Making a personal plea to listeners, the President urged “everybody who’s listening to go ahead and register” to vote.

He then added, “If you think that Michelle and I have done a good job and you want to carry on the momentum of the legacy we’ve built, you can’t sit at home.”

Take a listen …

So, what do Florida voters think of the job Barack and Michelle have done?

A recent poll by JMC Analytics shows that President Obama has an underwater approval rating. A mere 42% of voters approve of Obama’s job performance, while 50% disapprove.


This statement also proves that a vote for Hillary Clinton is indeed a vote for an Obama third term.

Remember, Obama is urging Florida voters to get out their and pull the lever for Hillary – especially “if you think that Michelle and I have done a good job.”

That means the majority of voters should be voting for Trump.

Guess we’ll see what America thinks in November.

Comment: Do you think America approves of the job that President and Michelle Obama have done over the last 8 years? Tell us why or why not.

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