According to the liberal co-hosts of “The View,” anything unethical is a-okay so long as Barack Obama is the one doing it.

On Tuesday, the women were busy expressing their outrage over reports that personal data from 50 million Facebook users were improperly mined by data firm Cambridge Analytica for use by Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

But they started singing a completely different tune when co-host Meghan McCain pointed out that Obama did the exact same thing in 2012.

“I don’t completely understand the scandal now since this has been happening since 2012,” Meghan began. “The Obama campaign did this brilliantly. They used micro-targeting and data mining.

“So, the double standard I don’t understand right now is…it happened under Obama and it was lauded by the media as being genius,” she said. “And now the Trump campaign did it and it’s a Cambridge Analytica scandal.”

At that point, Joy Behar asked if what Obama did was the same thing. Meghan explained, “Yes, it was micro-targeting and data mining.”

But Sunny Hostin didn’t believe her. “It’s different though!” she proclaimed, before going on to accuse Cambridge Analytica of feeding a “misinformation campaign” and Fox News of “pushing this narrative of a Deep State.”

Can Sunny really not see her own double standard there?

Her co-hosts’ idiocy didn’t deter Meghan, though, and she continued to push back against their hypocrisy:

“This has been going on for a long time and I think the problem right now for people like me is, again, I am against this wholeheartedly,” McCain said, noting that she did consider Cambridge Analytica to be a somewhat “shady” company.

“But I think it is interesting to me that there wasn’t a problem with it when the Obamas did it,” she pointed out again. “And now there’s a problem when Trump did it.”

It’s amazing how much certain people are allowed to get away with by the media just because of who they are or their political affiliation. Obama and Trump did the exact same thing, but you certainly wouldn’t know it from the way the media is addressing the issue.

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