The New York Times ran a ‘truth’ ad during the Oscars which some viewed as an attack on President Trump, but the NRA has fired back with their own version that completely eviscerates the newspaper of record.

The Times ad featured dueling statements from pro-Trump and anti-Trump advocates overlaying the words “The truth is our nation is more divided than ever.”

It then takes a clear shot at Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway saying “The truth is alternative facts are lies.” Conway famously used the phrase “alternative facts” when discussing the inauguration crowd size.

Here is the Times ad below …

The NRA however, has come out with an alternative version to the ad, which points out that the liberal media spent 8 years under the Obama administration ignoring the truth.

Essentially, they ask, why wasn’t the truth important when President Obama was in office?

Via Ammoland:

NRATV’s first line reads: “The New York Times placed an ad during the Oscars to tell us that truth is more important now. But why now?” It is then precluded with rapid-fire statements: “… Wasn’t it important when people were marching … When jobs were declining … When threats were growing … When drugs were flowing … When diplomacy was straining … When policies were failing … When towns were collapsing … When red lines were vanishing … When Obama was lying … When journalists were dying … When Christians were dying … When heroes were dying … When citizens were dying?”

The ad continues: “The truth is that the truth didn’t matter to The New York Times then as much as now—because as long as liberals were ‘progressing,’ the truth was depressing.”

“America has stopped looking to The New York Times for the truth now more than ever,” NRATV concludes. “The Times are burning … and the media elites have been caught holding the match.

“Now, they want your trust?”

Enjoy the NRA’s response to the New York Times below …

The contrasting commercials show exactly who is in pursuit of the truth – and it ain’t the media.

Perhaps that’s why President Trump sent this message to the Times:

The truth is, the truth should have mattered when Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama, were president. And it should matter now.

The truth doesn’t change. Only the mainstream media’s coverage of it has.

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