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North Korea Dictator Kim Jong Un Compares Trump’s America-First Policy To Nazism

Talk about Pol Pot calling the kettle black.

North Korea’s chubby, diminutive tyrant Kim Jong Un took time away from starving his own people to have his state media pen an opinion piece on President Trump’s “America-First” policy agenda.

So what’s Un’s take on our president? Given that Trump could blow Un’s cowardly regime to smithereens in a matter of seconds, it’s no surprise the North Korean madman dislikes Trump. Also, the president isn’t a starving, scrawny laborer who eats dirt to survive in one of North Korea’s many death camps, so Un probably resents him even more.

In the article, the Korean Central News Agency blasted Trump’s “America-First” ethos as  the “American version of Nazism.” The article went on to characterize the Trump Administration by writing this:

“Anti-immigration politics, little short of fascism’s racist politics, has touched off aversion from big businesses which are gaining big benefits by relying on immigrated men of talents, and has sparked off derision by the world people as it denied the history of the U.S. itself, a multi-national and multi-racial country.”

H/T Washington Times

For the state media of North Korea to state such words defies belief. How is one of the world’s last communist holdouts lecturing America on Nazism?

The North Korean regime must take us for fools. These charges are outrageous.

But then again, everything in North Korea is topsy-turvy, including the fealty Un demands from his people.

With all the garbage floating around in Un’s head, I guess it makes sense that he thinks America is run by Nazi.

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