Norm Macdonald Slams Bette Midler for Racist Tweet – And He’s Not the Only One

Comedian Norm Macdonald went after actress Bette Midler Thursday, calling her a “racist” after she said President Donald Trump must pay black people to show up at his campaign rallies.

Midler tweeted a photo Wednesday of a Trump event, adding, “Look, there are African American men in this shot! How much did he pay them to be ‘blackground’?”

That’s when Macdonald slammed Midler, tweeting, “Oh, Christ. Bette’s a racist, too. F***,” to his one million Twitter followers.

Macdonald is not only correct, we made the same point here at The Political Insider in the wake of Midler’s repulsive post.

“The outspoken liberal and actress seems to believe that the only way black men would attend a Donald Trump campaign event is if they were compensated to do so,” TPI noted. “We can assume this means she also believes black Americans would never show up because they agree with the president.”

“Does Midler believe all black people hold the exact same political beliefs?” the story asked. “Are they not individuals with differing viewpoints that should never be judged collectively just by the color of their skin?”

“Because there’s a word for that.”


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Indeed. More people than just McDonald also began calling Midler out on her racism.

“Wow, Bette!  That’s some racist crap right there,” wrote Twitter user Stacy Beast. “I guess an old, white woman like yourself gets to decide what and how black people should believe and vote.”

“People of different races are allowed to support whoever they want,” wrote Twitter user Summerica. “Shocking, I know.”

Twitter’s Derek Schwartz wrote, “Wow this is a disgusting comment on so many levels? ‘blackground?’ Really? You are really sick, Bette.”

Bette Midler Responds

When one Twitter user called the actress and singer out as #BigotBette, Midler finally responded.

“As many as I feel like!” Midler tweeted.Personally, I enjoy swearing.  Why don’t you try it, you uptight…..ha!”

No one is calling you out for your swearing, Bette.

No, after constant cries of “racism” from the Hollywood left, including yourself, it is only fitting that now that you have declared that all black Americans must think the same way that people recognize how racist such a statement is.

Black Americans, like all Americans, have the right to support whatever political candidate they please, and it is not up to the Hollywood elite to tell them who and who isn’t acceptable.

Donald Trump actually did better with black voters in 2016 than his Republican predecessor Mitt Romney did in 2008, and if the president receives even more African American support in 2020, it will be because they believe in him and his message.

To think otherwise is downright patronizing–something we could reasonably expect from Ms. Midler.

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