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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. 173rdHerd says:

    Maybe it’s time for the “old gray lady”, to close the doors and shut down shop. They are too biased.

  2. Masdar says:

    Reporting based on opinion is not reporting the NEWS but is reporting the opinion of the reporter. Evidently the reporters from the NYT failed to attend that class of journalism college that states ,”just the facts ma’am all we want is the facts”. Sg Friday

  3. Bob says:

    It’s been common practice for the NYT, WaPo and other fake news purveyors to “shout the lie and then whisper the retraction.”

  4. Jonathan says:

    Poor NYT – without fake news, they wouldn’t have no news at all…

    (poor grammar intentional)

  5. JimSean says:

    And people wonder why Trump calls mainstream media fake news or the enemy.

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