Joy Behar: Trump Better Save Pardons For His Kids

Joy Behar, host of ABC’s “The View,” claims President Trump won’t pardon his former presidential campaign manager, Paul Manafort, because he’ll need to “save the pardons for his children.”

Co-host Meghan McCain kicked off the conversation by addressing Trump’s recent comments that a pardon for Manafort was a viable consideration.

“It was never discussed, but I wouldn’t take it off the table,” the President said in the midst of an Oval Office interview. “Why would I take it off the table?”

McCain is incensed that the President would consider doing so, blasting Manafort as “a traitor to the United States of America.”

“The thing that makes me most angry is the idea that Paul Manafort could possibly be pardoned,” McCain seethed, later adding, “if he is pardoned, I don’t know what I’m going to do on this show.”

Behar scoffed at the notion that Trump’s former campaign manager would receive a pardon, noting “I think he has to save the pardons for his children, frankly … There’s a lot of kids in the family.”

Why would Trump need to pardon his children?

Granted, Joy is obviously making a joke to please the show’s far-left viewers who believe the entire Trump family is a global crime syndicate.

But there may be some basis of fact on this.

In an exclusive interview with The Political Insider earlier this week, former adviser to President Trump and legendary Republican operative Roger Stone said he believes Donald Trump Jr. “could be targeted” for indictment.

Stone gave two reasons, one which could actually land either Trump Jr. or Eric Trump in hot water.

He mentioned the infamous payment of $130,000 to porn actress Stormy Daniels from the President’s then-personal attorney Michael Cohen. Stone notes that the reimbursement of those funds to Cohen “requires two signatures of approval.”

“One of them, of course, would be Allen Weisselberg, the CFO of the Trump Organization, who has already become a cooperating witness for Mr. Mueller,” he said. “But the other one has to be either Donald Trump Jr. or Eric Trump.”

If Mueller were to pursue that as an alleged campaign finance violation, a debatable violation at best, could the President’s sons find themselves on the receiving end of an indictment?

Behar consistently makes outrageous comments

Behar is being hyperbolic in her assertion that the Trump family will need pardons, but she has a vast history of making outlandish comments for effect. She is, after all, allegedly a comedian. A comedian lacking the whole comedy and humor aspect to her work. Here’s a list of examples:

  • “The View” host likened praying to a “mental illness” after claims from Omarosa that Vice President Mike Pence talks to Jesus.
  • Dressed in blackface, something that Megyn Kelly recently defended and was fired over.
  • Behar claimed Hillary actually won the election before getting shut down by former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.
  • Asserted President Trump is less sane than dictators Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin.
  • Joked about Stormy Daniels on First Lady Melania Trump’s birthday.

Now she’s openly fantasizing about Trump’s children being hauled off to jail. Trump Derangement Syndrome is a hell of a thing.

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