New York Times Author Behind ‘Kavanaugh Throws Ice’ Story Is a Partisan Liberal

And you wonder why President Trump calls the liberal media the “enemy of the people.”

As the FBI wraps up its limited investigation into the sexual assault allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the media is digging deeper and searching farther to anything – seriously, anything! – to malign Kavanaugh’s integrity.

Already, we’ve seen a litany of contradictions within each of the Kavanaugh accuser’s stories. The latest accuser, Julie Swetnick, had more holes poked through her allegation than Swiss cheese when she presented it on cable news. (RELATED: Third Kavanaugh Accuser Contradicts Affidavit in NBC Interview.)

And, of course, original accuser Christine Blasey Ford’s story doesn’t check out in the least. Multiple inconsistencies have been brought to light in her tall tale about Kavanaugh drunkenly groping her as a teenager. (RELATED: Sen. Brian Schatz Says It’s a Crime to Lie Before the Senate – Implicates Christine Blasey Ford.)

So far, every Kavanaugh accuser’s story has been uncorroborated. They’re evidence-less and without a shred of credibility. Yet the media pushes on, determined to find a way to destroy the Judge’s good character.

Overnight, a pair of New York Times reporters may have stumbled upon something that could finally break Senate Republicans’ confidence in Kavanaugh. Reader be warned, it gets nasty.

It turns out that Kavanaugh was questioned by police in college for his role in tossing ice at someone in a bar.

Ice! Good God, he threw ice! The neanderthal! The unbelievable guile on such a rapscallion to think that he could throw ice in a bar in college, and, dear me, start a scuffle. I bet there was beer involved, too!

Please, dear reader, I believe I’m getting the vapors!

There’s only one big thing wrong with the story, and it isn’t the trivial fact that Kavanaugh behaved like a normal rowdy guy in college. It’s the story’s byline, namely Emily Bazelon.

“Reporter” Emily Bazelon actually announced her antipathy towards Kavanaugh back in July:

So, just so we’re clear: a reporter helps pen a piece on why Kavanaugh can’t be trusted because he threw frozen water in a bar decades ago. This same reporter has a history of making anti-Kavanaugh statements.

Sounds legit, right?

Just another day with our oh-so-trustworthy media.

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