New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Signs Bill Granting Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Immigrants

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New York governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday night signed legislation that grants illegal immigrants the right to a driver’s license.

Cuomo signed the ‘Green Light Bill’ late on a Monday night because, as anybody knows from the SAFE Act controversy years ago, the Democrat has a penchant for cowardly taking controversial actions in the dead of night.

He did so within hours of the measure passing the Democrat-controlled state Senate by a vote of 33-29.

Cuomo, according to the New York Post, threw “supporters a last minute curveball” by asking for further legal scrutiny of the legislation. Not to make sure it adheres to federal law or the Constitution, but to guarantee it couldn’t be used by law enforcement against illegal immigrants.

The far-left Cuomo requested that Solicitor General Barbara Underwood review the bill to “ensure that undocumented individuals [illegals] who apply for driver’s licenses or identification cards would not be unintentionally exposed to a federal government seeking to use their information for deportation.”

This, according to a statement from Cuomo’s counsel, Alphonso Davis, who added: “Governor Cuomo has supported this policy for over a decade.”

Indeed, criminals in New York have a dear, dear friend in Andrew Cuomo.

This is, most definitely, a stepping stone to allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote in New York state elections, or at the very least giving them the means to do so without much scrutiny.

NY Democrats Love Criminals

Granting illegals driver’s license is just the latest in a long line of examples in which New York Democrats have championed the rights of criminals over law-abiding citizens.

Cuomo has pushed the idea of free college courses for inmates for years. In addition to education perks for convicts, Cuomo pushed hard to provide taxpayer-funded Medicaid to all former prisoners.

More recently, fifteen Democrats in the New York State Assembly voted to halt a bill that would have provided free college tuition for Gold Star families. They did this one week after approving a $175 billion state budget that included $27 million in financial aid to so-called Dreamers.

They literally care more about illegals than they do the families of fallen soldiers.

Critics of Illegal Driver’s Licenses

Despite New York being a liberal cesspool rivaling that of California on a daily basis, there are plenty of critics of this new legislation granting driver’s licenses to illegals.

“Paroling cop-killers, legalizing infanticide and giving free college and driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, shows Dems are in lockstep with radicals and don’t care about taxpaying New Yorkers,” incoming NYGOP Chairman Nick Langworthy said in a statement.

“Today’s passage of the Green Light Bill is very troubling to me,” said Sen. Michael Ranzenhofer. “I do not agree with granting driver’s licenses to those who enter the country illegally. This bill goes too far.”

Frank Merola, a county clerk in upstate New York, provided a glimpse of what courage to defend the rule of law in New York State is, declaring that he would not, under any circumstances grant licenses to illegal immigrants.

“I’m going to refuse to issue a driver’s license to anyone who comes into my office that can’t prove to us they’re here legally. Federal law states we’re not allowed to aid someone who comes into our office who is here illegally,” Merola told CBS 6 News.

Republican state Senator Jim Tedisco said granting a free pass to illegals is a slap in the face to people who come to this country legally.

“Giving driver’s licenses to those here illegally sends the wrong message to honest, law-abiding citizens and those who are trying to do the right thing and have been in line for quite some time to become American citizens,” he said.

New York Democrats don’t care about honest, law-abiding citizens. That’s been glaringly apparent for some time.

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