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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Makes Fun Of President Trump: ‘Put A Mask On It’

On Monday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo – who has been blasted far and wide early in the pandemic for demanding that nursing homes accept those diagnosed with coronavirus, likely leading to countless deaths – mocked Donald Trump by featuring a picture of the President showing a mask superimposed on his face as Cuomo said, “Put a mask on it.”

Gov. Cuomo to Trump: ‘Sign an executive order directing everyone to wear a mask’

Gov. Cuomo said, “To start simply, the president can do two things: First: sign an executive order directing everyone to wear a mask. How we’re at this point as a nation and we still haven’t done the simple easy minimal step of saying you must wear a mask when you’re in public?”

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“And the president doesn’t have to pass a piece of legislation, doesn’t have to call the Congress; just sign an executive order saying wear a mask,” Cuomo said. “We did it two months ago in this state. The other states are just starting to do it now.”

New York’s Governor blasts other governors despite his state leading in coronavirus deaths

New York’s governor also took on the leaders of other states, despite the fact that New York has had far more deaths from the virus than most states, insisting, “States that were recalcitrant, governors who said, ‘We don’t need to do this,’ ‘Masks don’t work,’ all the political nonsense we heard; now they’re doing a 180, and you have the same states now wearing masks. Let the president have the same sense and do that as an executive order.”

A picture of Trump was shown beside Cuomo with a mask superimposed on the President’s face, with a caption reading, “Put a mask on it!”

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‘New York Tough’

Cuomo continued, “And then let the president lead by example, and let the president put a mask on it. Because we know it works.”

The picture then transformed to an image of the New York City skyline with the caption, “New York Tough.”

“We’ve proven that it works in the state of New York, and the president can still be ‘New York Tough’ and ‘New York Smart’ and united and disciplined and loving,” Cuomo added.