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U.S. Navy Just CAVED to the Gay Lobby – Americans are EMBARRASSED

Harvey Milk

The Navy is once again shamefully bowing to political correctness, this time honoring Harvey Milk, the first openly gay politician to be elected in the U.S.

It was just announced that the newest Military Sealift Command fleet oiler will be named after the radical liberal gay rights icon. Milk served 4 years in the Navy during the Korean War, reaching the rank of lieutenant junior grade. He was honorably discharged, but Milk lied and told people he was kicked out of the Navy for being gay as a way to get votes.

Predictably, gay activists are ecstatic that Obama is using the military to further their agenda around the world.

“We have just reached the point recently where LGBT people can serve openly in the military, and what better message can there be of that than this ship? It’s a very fitting tribute to a man whose primary goal was for people to be authentic and not have to wear a mask,” [Harvey Milk’s nephew, Stuart] said.And, he added, the ship will be “another beacon of hope” as it travels to ports around the world where being gay is illegal.

San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener, who is gay, called it “a huge step forward for the LGBT community.” In 2012, Wiener authored a resolution urging the Navy to name a ship after Milk. It passed 9-2, with Supervisors Jane Kim and Christina Olague opposed.

“We are making real progress in an institution that has historically tended to be homophobic,” Wiener said. “Naming a ship after our great LGBT leader speaks volumes about where this country is and where this president is,” he said.

The USNS Harvey Milk will be built in San Diego as the second John Lewis-class oiler ship. John Lewis, of course, is a liberal Democrat congressman from Georgia and a civil rights activist who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Other ships in the John Lewis-class are to be named after civil rights leaders, per the Secretary of the Navy.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus has a long history of breaking ship-naming conventions to name ships after liberals with little or no military connection, like former Sen. Carl Levin, Cesar Chavez, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, and late Rep. John P. Murtha.

It is little wonder that Mabus is willing to go along with President Obama’s social engineering schemes – he is a political appointee who only served in the Navy for 2 years. He is a Democrat and according to the Marine Corps Times:

Mabus, 67, a Harvard-trained lawyer and former Mississippi governor, campaigned for then-presidential candidate Barack Obama in his home state. Marines have long complained that he is more interested in carrying out the Obama administration’s “social engineering” policies than leading the sea services through serious challenges.

From repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” to putting women in combat roles, to allowing transgenders to serve openly, Obama has imposed his radical social agenda on the U.S. military and Secretary Mabus has marched right along with him the entire way.

Naming a naval ship after a man who lied about the circumstances of his military discharge is a slap in the face to every service member who has worn the uniform with pride. Just the latest of many delivered by this anti-military administration.

What do you think about the Navy’s decision to name a ship after gay activist Harvey Milk? Who do you think is more deserving of a ship in their honor? Tell us in the comments below!