Nancy Worley, Head Of Alabama Democratic Party, Indicted On 10 Felony And Misdemeanor Charges

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Here’s a little story from earlier this month that the mainstream media completely skipped over: Nancy Worley, former secretary of state and the current chairwoman of the Alabama Democratic Party, turned herself in at the Montgomery County Jail following indictment by a grand jury on felony and misdemeanor charges related to her unsuccessful 2006 re-election campaign.

According to the indictment, Worley broke the law when she wrote a letter to her employees with the underlined words, “I want to ask for your support and your vote in the June 2006 Democratic Primary Election.” She followed up the solicitation by saying, “If you choose to support another candidate you have every right to make that decision without any problems from me.”

However, as stated in Alabama election law, it is “unlawful for any officer or employee to solicit any type political campaign contributions from other employees who work for said officer or employee in a subordinate capacity.” Worley’s attorney claims that her latter statement indicates that her employees were not pressured into contributing – but Worley’s employees see it differently.

According to Ed Packer, one of Worley’s many disgruntled former employees, “Aside from it being illegal it just seems wrong for an elected official to request money or other kinds of campaign support from their subordinates because of that employer – employee relationship that could be coercive just by its very nature.” Packer also said that Worley sent her employees bumper stickers and a mailer to volunteer or request a yard sign.

Worley was released on bond after turning herself in. She faces five misdemeanor and five felony charges – and she hasn’t wasted any time blaming Republicans for her own criminality. “This is happening to Democrats throughout the country who don’t bow down to Republicans,” she said.

This is far from the first time Worley has faced criticism. Her four years in office were plagued by complaints about everything from her selection of a gas guzzling SUV that the state paid for to low morale among her employees.

Yet, in October 2017, Worley hypocritically proclaimed that Alabamians should vote Democrat because several Republicans had been ousted from office due to misconduct.

But the truth always comes out, doesn’t it?

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