Nancy Pelosi poked fun at President Trump’s demand for border-wall funding, offering only $1 in support of the measure.

Taunting ahead of a high-stakes meeting

Pelosi made her offer ahead of a meeting with President Trump and other congressional leaders in the Situation Room, where both sides are hoping to reach a deal to open up the government. President Trump has been insistent on at least $5 billion for his border wall. Democrats, meanwhile, have resisted giving any money.

No headway was made in the same meeting held two days ago, where Senator Minority Leader Chuck Schumer rudely interrupted Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. (RELATED: Democrats Refuse to Compromise on Border Security In White House Meeting.)

Given Pelosi’s mock offer, it’s hard to believe any real progress will be made in today’s meeting. Here she is mocking the President’s demand:

What else would Pelosi pay a $1 for?

Here’s a question: What else would Pelosi pay $1 for? Would she pay it to secure the United States? Would she pay it to protect native workers from cheap foreign labor?

Or, would she pay it to give solace to the family of Officer Ronil Singh, who, in December, was killed by an illegal immigrant who had no business being in this country? The heartless murder occurred in Nancy Pelosi’s home state. Maybe Singh’s widow could use Pelosi’s $1 to raise their son, now the he’s been deprived of a father.

The time for games is over

Pelosi can make political gestures all she wants ahead of this meeting. But the truth is, the government shutdown is coming to a head. Trump wants his wall funding. If Democrats were serious about opening the government, they would be ready to offer something in return. Instead, they engage in childish gestures.

Pelosi refuses to bargain in good faith because she wants to kneecap Trump going in to 2020 by denying him a victory. She puts politics over the lives of the American people. For shame.