Nancy Pelosi Pushes Hispanic Immigrant Congresswoman’s Little Girl Aside During Photo Op

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Screenshot: Twitter Video, “Face” Of America Twitter Feed

Mayra Flores, the Mexican-born, newly-elected GOP congresswoman from Texas, accused Nancy Pelosi of giving her young daughter a push out of the way during a photo op.

The alleged incident took place during Flores’ swearing-in ceremony.

The Texas Republican congresswoman defeated Democrat Dan Sanchez in a special election to fill the vacant seat in Texas’ 34th Congressional District in June.

“It’s a great honor to welcome Congresswoman Flores to the Capitol and to the Congress of the United States with great congratulations,” Pelosi said. “And again, grateful for her leadership and her beautiful family who is here today.”

But Flores claims that during picture time during the ceremony last month, Pelosi tossed an elbow at her daughter to give herself some more space.

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Pelosi Apparently Pushes Flores’ Little Girl

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was called out on social media by Flores for having, video evidence suggests, pushed the little girl with her elbow to make extra room.

“I am so proud of my strong, beautiful daughter for not allowing this to faze her,” the GOP Representative beamed. “She continued to smile and pose for the picture like a Queen.”

“No child should be pushed to the side for a photo op. PERIOD!!” she added.

While clearly not the end of the world, the video clearly shows Pelosi does try to create some extra room by ‘guiding’ the little girl away with her elbow.

All the while, Pelosi keeps her face so completely frozen it would make Ted Williams’ family envious.

Trump Would Have Been Impeached For This

Still, could you even imagine Donald Trump had done like Nancy Pelosi and pushed a little Hispanic girl during a photo-op?

Seriously, an entire meme was created when the media began mocking Trump in 2017 for an image that showed him trying to talk to a young man while he was operating a running mower on the White House lawn.

“Child president tries to talk to little boy who mowed White House lawn, gets memed instead,” read a Mashable headline.

Imagine that kid was Hispanic, and Trump decided to push him out of the way to show him how it’s done.

Hell, it didn’t even have to be a child. The media had a coronary after Trump pushed aside the Prime Minister of Montenegro to get to the front of a photo op.

For her part, Nancy Pelosi has a love/hate relationship with children. One minute she’s pushing them aside, the next she’s saying they’re the reason she wants to linger in Congress a little longer.

“When people ask me, ‘What are the three most important issues facing the Congress,’” the California Democrat explains, “I always say the same thing: Our children. Our children. Our children.”

“That is my ‘why.’ Why I’m in Congress – for the children,” she continued.

It reminds of a bizarre story about Pelosi’s grandson, who, on his 6th birthday, allegedly wished that he could be Hispanic.

The leading Democrat in 2018 spoke of “a very close friend” of her grandson named Antonio, who has “beautiful tan skin, beautiful brown eyes and the rest.”

Pelosi said her grandson was so adoring of Antonio, that he too wished to be Hispanic while blowing out his birthday candles for his birthday. He didn’t wish for a big toy truck, a nice new bike, or a football to throw in the yard with his dad. He wanted to be Hispanic.

In retrospect, Flores and her daughter can take comfort in the fact that Nancy Pelosi only pushed the little girl.

The Speaker once claimed she could have taken on Capitol protesters because she’s a “street fighter.”

“I would have had these,” she said, showing off 4-inch stilettos.

Pelosi’s office later claimed the Speaker pushed Mayra Flores’ daughter so she could be in the picture.

“It’s sad to see ‘news outlets’ that know better misrepresent the Speaker’s effort to ensure Rep. Flores’ daughters wouldn’t be hidden behind her in all of the photos of such an important moment for their family,” a spokesperson said.

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