Nancy Pelosi is the past.

At least, that’s what many young Democrats have been saying. Within the ranks of the Democratic Party, there is dissension when it comes to leadership. Pelosi is seen as the old guard, the Ancien Régime in French Revolution parlance. Young Democrats want youth, vigor, and a backbone in their leadership.

It’s why David Hogg, a young liberal activist, demanded Pelosi retire and leave politics to the young and motivated. (RELATED: Gun-Grabbing Teen David Hogg: Pelosi is Old and Needs to ‘Move the F*** Off the Plate’.)

It also doesn’t help matters that Pelosi has been showing her age of late, stuttering during her speeches and stumbling with pronunciations. It’s an open secret in Washington that Pelosi may not have what it takes to lead her caucus anymore. (RELATED: Pelosi’s Brain Misfires a Half-Dozen Times in Two Minutes.)

With young, upstart Democrat socialists bleeding into the party, threatening to upend the status quo, Pelosi can be seen as the establishment’s last grip to power in the Party of Obama. Even President Trump is facetiously encouraging Democrats to keep supporting Pelosi, calculating, wisely, that Democrat socialists are unelectable, even as Pelosi’s popularity wanes.

That talk hasn’t deterred the Democrat Minority Leader, however. In a new report from the Associated Press, Pelosi is dead set on maintaining her leadership role, and possibly retaking the Speaker’s gavel should Democrats take back the House of Representatives in November.

From the report:

Nevertheless, she says she’s not going anywhere — and certainly not while President Donald Trump is in the White House.

“This is not anything to make a big fuss over, it’s politics,” Pelosi said in a 35-minute phone interview with The Associated Press. “I can take the heat and that’s why I stay in the kitchen.”

Pushing back on those who say her leadership position is in jeopardy, Pelosi all but dared her doubters to envision any other House Democrat sitting across the table to negotiate with Trump.

Pelosi remaining a Democrat leader isn’t great, but, somehow, I don’t think Republicans are fretting Pelosi’s return to power. In fact, most Republicans, fearing they may lose the House in November, welcome Pelosi as a foil.

There’s nobody Republicans love to hate more than Pelosi. She’s a goldmine for GOP electoral ads. And given that she’s defiant in the face of her restless party, it looks like she’ll have a difficult time steadying the reins should she become Speaker again.

Is It Time For Nancy Pelosi To Retire?

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So, yes, please keep power, Nancy. We’re looking forward to your leadership.