Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi definitively declared that she would not support funding a border wall in exchange for a solution to DACA.

Pelosi held a press conference on Thursday where she explained why she would not even consider funding the wall. “No,” Pelosi declared.

When pressed for an explanation, Pelosi said:

“Well, because they are two different subjects. What we want in this negotiation, I think I can say, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to anybody…it’s December, the time we’ve lost now, another week, for a legitimate purpose. But none the less we are getting close to when this CR expires and of course we are extending it for two weeks. Within that two weeks, we have before us all of the factors, all of the issues that we need to make a decision. I think what we can do that makes sense is to pass the six bills where the members of the appropriations committee have come to terms. You’ve heard me say it over and over, left to their own devices the appropriators can come to a good conclusion. And then have a CR only for Homeland Security as we go forward. And that’s pretty much what our position is now.”

Pelosi’s statement on the wall should come as no surprise to anyone. She has made several statements in the past indicating how much she is against building the wall and safeguarding the American people.

Pelosi cares more about illegal immigrants than American citizens

Back in June, Pelosi called the wall “ineffective, expensive, immoral, and where there might be some places where it’s useful from a security and a mutually agreed upon protection from each to have some structure. Let’s see what that is. It’s not better to build a wall. What’s better to do is to build a bridge.”

And then in March, Pelosi claimed a wall is not fit for “civilized society.”

Pelosi has a long standing record of voting against measures that would help secure the border and protect American citizens from illegal immigrants, who take advantage of their hard-earned tax dollars, and have even committed grisly murders against American citizens. One could argue that Pelosi’s voting record indicates she cares more about illegal immigrants over American citizens.

How illegal immigration harms American citizens

The United States Census confirms that 63 percent of non-citizens are on some kind of welfare program. It gets even worse – 70% of non-citizens who have been in the country for longer than 10 years are on a welfare program.

The Center for Immigration Studies reported that 4,684,784 million non-citizen households receive welfare.

Illegal immigrants have a lengthy track record of killing American citizens. The Federation for American Immigration Reform has put together a list detailing the lives stolen by illegal immigrants because of inaction by political leaders from both parties.

One such case saw illegal immigrant Eswin Mejia steal the life from Omaha, Nebraska resident Sarah Root. Root, who was 21, was killed by Mejia when he rear-ended her SUV while street racing. Root had just graduated from Bellevue University with a 4.0 GPA. Meanwhile, Mejia is currently on the run from law enforcement after he was able to post bond. One of the main reasons local police were not able to detain Mejia is because Omaha has sanctuary policies that do not let local law enforcement to fully cooperate with ICE officers.

People like Sarah Root have lost their life because of Nancy Pelosi’s complete inaction on border security. We can no longer accept these policies from these leaders that lead to the death of our friends, family, and neighbors. Enough is enough.

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