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Bill Moore

Bill Moore is a patriot who served our great country in Europe during World War II in the military. He wrote many letters to keep in touch with his family […]

Abu Rumaysah

British Islamist Abu Rumaysah, a radical who said he wants to see every woman in the UK “covered from head to toe,” was interviewed on CBS News. And what he […]

greatest miracles
Donald Trump Jr. top gun

Donald Trump Jr., continued to feud with CNN after they went apoplectic when President Trump tweeted a video meme of him body slamming the network. Not only did he body […]

Welfare Queen

In Obama’s America, personal responsibility didn’t matter. If you don’t believe that, just listen to this welfare queen mother’s incredible arrogance with her demands for others to pay for her […]

Best Marine

While President Barack Obama took a back seat to nations like Jordan and Egypt in the battle against ISIS, the terrorist organization grew in size and influence. But nothing could […]

Democrat Basic

When it comes to defending conservative positions, Republicans have an advantage: A sense of humor! It’s easier to laugh and smile when we love America. Hateful and bitter Democrats are […]

Obama Waitress

Obama’s economy set records never seen before. Labor force participation rates were at historic lows, poverty was at record highs, and food stamp usage was through the roof. Wasn’t hope […]

Billie and Peggy Harris

Married just six weeks before her husband, Army Air Corps pilot Billie Harris, shipped off for World War II, it took Peggy Harris 68 years to learn his fate – […]

Clint Eastwood

According to the Washington Examiner, Clint Eastwood hasn’t been happy with Michael Moore since 2005. At the National Board Review dinner in 2005, both were present to be honored for […]

Mexican Flag

Watch (below) what happens when Veteran Jim Brossard sees a Mexican business disrespecting the American flag. Brossard risked his life to protect what that flag stands for, and wasn’t going […]

Most times when you are pulled over by the police, it’s because they caught you doing something against the law and need to deliver the bad news. That wasn’t the […]