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President Trump

President Donald Trump threatened to end any and all payments to Honduras, Guatamela, and El Salvador after news broke a caravan of around 3,000 illegal immigrants marched through Guatemela on […]

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump responded to the Cherokee Nation’s rebuke of Elizabeth Warren by offering them his heartfelt thanks. The Cherokee Nation threw Elizabeth Warren under the bus after she tried […]

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren a.k.a Fauxcahontas crowed triumphantly when the Boston Globe announced her DNA test results, demanding President Trump donate to $1 million to charity. By the way, @realDonaldTrump: Remember saying […]

Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle

MSNBC hosts Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle completely break down after Kanye West visited the White House and met with President Donald J. Trump. Canadian Ali Velshi begins waving his […]

Lindsey Graham

Senator Lindsey Graham fired back at Democrats including Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder who have called for incivility and violence on appearance on Fox News with Martha MacCallum. [email protected]: “@MichelleObama […]

Don Lemon

CNN anchor Don Lemon defended far-left radical mobs who have been harassing Republicans in restaurants and elevators claiming they are only expressing their constitutional right under the First Amendment. Lemon […]

Bill Moore

Bill Moore is a patriot who served our great country in Europe during World War II in the military. He wrote many letters to keep in touch with his family […]

Abu Rumaysah

British Islamist Abu Rumaysah, a radical who said he wants to see every woman in the UK ‚Äúcovered from head to toe,” was interviewed on CBS News. And what he […]

greatest miracles
Donald Trump Jr. top gun

Donald Trump Jr., continued to feud with CNN after they went apoplectic when President Trump tweeted a video meme of him body slamming the network. Not only did he body […]

Welfare Queen

In Obama’s America, personal responsibility didn’t matter. If you don’t believe that, just listen to this welfare queen mother’s incredible arrogance with her demands for others to pay for her […]

Best Marine

While President Barack Obama took a back seat to nations like Jordan and Egypt in the battle against ISIS, the terrorist organization grew in size and influence. But nothing could […]